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At Sardis, Turkey

Bruce Martin is – I am – (in no particular order) a geographer, artist, theologian, and pastor.

My slightly odd life – as a geography professor, educator, pastor, and artist – is a reflection of my slightly odd education and interests. At the graduate level, I studied geography at the University of British Columbia, theology at Acadia Divinity College (Acadia University), and education at the University of Alberta. Education, theology, and geography may seem like a curious combination, but they actually come together brilliantly in my own (rather warped) mind: I love integrating natural sciences, theology, pastoral theology, and Christian education into opportunities to explore and appreciate God and His creation, and to be involved in His mission to restore His relationship with people, between people, and between people and His creation.

st eds1I also really enjoy the positive dialogue that can (and, I believe, should) be cultivated between science and faith. This is God’s world. My Christian faith is rooted in God’s Word. The two complement one another perfectly. I have appreciate the opportunity to study with the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge, UK (I was a Visiting Scholar at St. Edmund’s College June-July 2016).

I bring eclectic travel experiences into my vocations as well. I have lived in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Alberta, and visited every province in Canada (yes, I have driven across Canada 9 times!). Beyond Canada, I have traveled extensively in the United States, the United Kingdom, Western Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, and Singapore.

Things Academic

I also am blessed to have the opportunity to teach with several colleges:

  • At the graduate level, I teach regularly at Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, ON. I have also taught at Acadia Divinity College (Wolfville, NS) and Carey Theological College (Vancouver, BC). And I have supervised a graduate thesis at Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC).
  • At the undergraduate level, I am creator and facilitator of
    • Geography 1013 and 1023 (Crandall University, Moncton, NB)
    • Geography 102 and 103 (Corpus Christi College, Vancouver, BC)
    • Geography 1013 and 1023 (Tyndale University College, Toronto, ON)
    • Geography 100 and 101 (Briercrest College, Caronport, SK)
    • I also taught Systematic Theology and was Director of Supervised Field Education at Taylor University College, Edmonton, AB

My research interests focus on how churches can effectively minister in the contemporary world (particularly with people in the sciences), the positive interaction that should(and can!) exist with science and faith, and action research as an empowering methodology for local congregations.

Things Pastoral

I am Lead Pastor with First Baptist Church, Lethbridge, AB. First B is an intentionally multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-everything missional church, seeking to express the diversity that is the Kingdom of God through mission in Word and deed, locally and globally. I love to see God transform people. And then I love to see people live their faith and, in subtle but profound ways, transform their own communities. Personally I am active in affordable housing and homeless issues in Lethbridge, chairing the Government and Community Relations Committee of Bringing Lethbridge Home (Social Housing in Action), and serving on several other related organizations. Previously I pastored in Edmonton, AB, Nova Scotia, and B.C.

Things Creative

Creatively, years ago, I did several pen-and-ink works, but then let that interest go dormant (OK, work and kids got in the way!) …

  • In 2009, I began experimenting with painting, mostly in acrylics, some with watercolours: Check out My Paintings (be kind – I’ve only been at it a few years and have yet to get any formal instruction).
  • I also enjoy creative writing (to come)
  • Pen-and-ink work (going WAY back)
  • And I do home and garden renovations … most of the time successfully.

For those who care, here is more “formal” c.v.:

Academic Background:

Continuing Education

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts

Bachelor of Arts


  • Baptist Leadership Training School, Calgary, AB
Pastoral Experience:
  • Lead/Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lethbridge, AB (Canadian Baptists of Western Canada [CBWC]), February 2001 – Present
  • Senior Pastor, Zion Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB (CBWC), April 1993 – January 2001
  • Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Truro, NS (Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches), June 1990 – April 1993
Graduate Academic Experience:
  • Sessional Professor, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, ON July 2004 – Present
    • CHED 0664: Pastor as Teacher in the Local Church
    • CHED 0552: Learning to Teach; Teaching to Learn
    • CHED 0559: Transformational Communities of Learning: Education in the Missional Church
    • CHED 0666: Education for Spiritual Development
  • Sessional Professor, Carey Theological College, Vancouver, BC October 2005
    • APPL 685: Education in the Church: Teaching, Disciple-Making, and Spiritual Formation
  • Sessional Professor, Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville NS June 1998
    • PRAC 6104/CHRI 7023: Pastor as Teacher
  • Major Project Sponsor, Royal Roads University, Conflict Analysis and Management 2007-2009
Undergraduate Academic Experience
Publications and conferences:
  • “A Physicist, Geographer, and Biologist Go Into A Church, And …”  Paper presented at From Sea to Sea to Sky: Science & Christianity in Canada Conference, Trinity Western University, May 2018
  • Sustainable Development and the Kingdom of God. Missio Dei Volume 4, 2014
  • Pastoring in Pain. Ministry Magazine: International Journal for Pastors. January 2010
  • Lord of Lark and Lightning: Reassessing Celtic Christianity’s Environmental Ethic. The Journal of Religion and Society. July 2004
  • Transforming a Local Church Congregation through Action Research. Educational Action Research 9(2). 2001. Pp. 261-278
  • Sympathetic and Synthetic Faith. A Rocha Canada News 8, July 2001. Pp. 2-3
  • We Live in God’s Art Gallery. A Rocha Canada News 2, January 2000. Pp. 1-2
  • A Handbook for Congregational Leadership. Calgary, AB: Baptist Union of Western Canada. 2001.
  • ‘Living’ education: Action research as a practical approach to congregational education. Religious Education 95(2). 2000. Pp. 152-166.
  • Resources for Canadian Baptist Sunday 2000. Produced by Canadian Baptist Ministries: Mississauga, ON. December 1999.
  • Baptist Witness in a Changing World. Pamphlet published by Canadian Baptist Ministries: Mississauga, ON. December 1999.
  • Pastors’ voices on pastoral education. Christian Education Journal 3 NS(1). 1999. Pp. 91-108.
  • ‘No! Not a shepherd!’ Who do pastors see themselves to be? The Clergy Journal 74(4). 1998. Pp.26-30. (Note, the picture is incorrect!)
  • Guest editorial: Urban ministry in Canada. Urban Mission 15(1). 1997. Pp. 3-8. (I was guest editor for a special issue on urban ministry in the Canadian context).
  • Reinventing the parish church. Urban Mission 15(1). 1997. Pp. 15-25.
  • Planning with God, planning with people. Canadian Baptist. October 1996. Pp. 16-18.
  • Your church in your community: A handbook for planning effective mission and ministry. Calgary, AB: Baptist Union of Western Canada. 1995.
  • A bird’s eye view of the Bible: An overview from Genesis to Revelation. Calgary, AB: Baptist Union of Western Canada. 1994.
  • Religious belief in the post-industrial city. Social compass: International review of sociology of religion 40(2). 1993. Pp. 217-232. (co-authored with David Ley)
  • Crossing Points. A weekly religion column in the Central Nova Scotia Daily News. 1991-1993. 102 separate articles.
  • Old lies in the new age. Atlantic Baptist. April 1992.
  • Perspective on ordination. Atlantic Baptist. December 1991.
  • Campus quirks: a guide to surviving first year at UBC. The Magazine. 1986.
Selected Volunteer Activities:
  • Senate and Board Member, Carey Theological College/Institute/Centre (2015 – present)
  • Chair, Government and Community Relations Committee, City of Lethbridge, Social Housing in Action, (2015 – present)
  • Member, City of Lethbridge, Social Housing in Action, Executive (2008 – present)
  • Member, City of Lethbridge, Social Housing in Action, Leaders’ Council (2007 –present)
  • Member, City of Lethbridge, Social Housing in Action, Affordable Housing Committee (2004 – present)
  • Board Member, Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) (2009 – 2015)
  • Chair/Secretary/Member, Catholic Central High School Council, 2007-2013
  • On-Call Chaplain, Chinook Regional Hospital, 2009 – 2011
  • Member, Canadian Baptist Ministries, Executive Minister Search Committee (2010)
  • Advisor to the Board, A Rocha Canada (Christians in Conservation) (2000 – 2008)
  • Member, City of Lethbridge, Social Housing in Action, Shelter and Resource Centre Committee (2002 – 2005)
  • Member, City of Lethbridge, Social Housing in Action, Shelter and Resource Centre Programme Committee (2003 – 2005)
  • Chair, Review of Area Governance Structure Committee, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada [CBWC] (2002 – 2005)
  • Board Member, Springwater Christian Center, Rossway, NS (1988 – 2006)
  • Speaker at Mill Creek Baptist Camp, Family Camp (2003)
  • Retreat Master, 2003 Alberta Area Pastors’ Retreat, CBWC
  • Speaker at Mill Creek Baptist Camp, Family Camp (2001)
  • Member-at-Large, Lethbridge Evangelical Ministerial Association (2001-2002)
  • Evansdale Community League, Edmonton, Soccer Coach (2000)
  • CBWC, Board Member (1998-2000)
  • CBWC, Alberta Area Executive (1998-2000)
  • CBWC, Alberta Area Clergy Services Working Group (1998-2000)
  • Steering Committee, CBWC, Alberta Area Pastors’ Retreat, February 2000.
  • CBWC Christian Education Committee (1994-1999)
  • CBM Canada Committee (1997-1999)
  • Edmonton Baptist (CBWC) Ministerial; President (1996-1998), Treasurer (1993-1998)
  • Supervising pastor for three Edmonton Baptist Seminary field education students (1993-1998)
  • Mentor for two CBWC ordination candidates (1994-1995, 1997-1998)
  • Coordinator, Christian Education Workshop, CBWC Annual Assembly 1996
  • Plenary Speaker, “Renewed Vision for Educational Ministries,” Manitoba Area CBWC Christian Education Workshop, 1996
  • Commencement Speaker, Bellerose Composite High School, St. Albert, AB, 1995.
  • Workshop Leader, CBWC Annual Assembly, 1994: “Understanding Your Community”
  • Speaker at Gull Lake Baptist Camp: Leadership Training and Discipleship Camp (1993 – 1997), Family Camp (1997, 2000)
  • Colchester-Pictou Baptist Association, NS, Moderator (1992-1993)
  • Colchester Food Bank Association Board, Truro, NS (1990-1993)
  • Commencement Speaker, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Truro, NS (1992)
  • BUWC, BC Area, Church Planting and Renewal Committee (1987-1989)
  • Co-Founder/Co-Director, UBC Graduate-Faculty Christian Forum (1988-1989)
  • Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (UBC), Small Group Leader (1981-1986)
  • IVCF International Friendship Group (UBC), Small Group Leader (1982-1986)
Memberships and Affiliations
Academic Awards:
  • Pastoral Study Project Award, Louisville Institute, 2016
  • Edward Manning Saunders Prize in Theology, 1990 Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville, NS
  • Robert MacGregor Fraser Prize in the World Mission of the Church, 1990 Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville, NS
  • University Graduate Fellowship, 1987-1989 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
  • Canadian Association of Geographers Undergraduate Prize, 1986 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
  • Dr. J. Lewis Robinson Scholarship, 1985 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC